Thailand Longtail, Your Next Boat?

Thailand Longtail, The Boat For You ?

Unique to this part of the world, these beach landing “Longtails” have a smaller engine than those used on the rivers in Thailand.  (Bigger, faster river versions (that don’t have to land on a beach) often use a  4 cylinder car engine and heat exchanger cooling.)

Why a Longtail ?

-The boat itself is made traditionally from wood.  It’s inexpensive, rugged, eco-friendly, easy to make and repair.

-Shallow draft and lift up drive allow for use in shallow water and beach landings.  Pivoting the engine and drive does the steering , even to a near reverse angle.

-Very fuel efficient and inexpensive engine.  These use a Japanese designed Yanmar engine made in Thailand.  15 Horsepower, diesel, 1 cylinder, hand cranked (with decompresser valve), salt water cooled, (Via a cone and pipe that pushes water from the propeller stream back up to the engine.)  The “one blade in the water” drive is also efficient. (You can buy gas for your private plane with the money you will will save.)

-There’s not much to go wrong.   No starter motor, no battery, no water pump (unless you lose the propeller), no salt water cooled exhaust (and rusting and siphoning back into the engine problems), no ignition system, (it’s a diesel)  no transmission,  (just gears and a chain drive to the propeller shaft)  no steering linkage and  no holes in the boat (for cooling water-in and shaft drive-out).  It might even work when you have the time to enjoy a boat.  And, it might not sink at the dock.

-They look good, they’re something really different.  You could decorate the bow of your Bayliner with colorful scarves  to “Appease The Spirits”, but it wouldn’t be quite be the same.

-How many tourists visit you to take pictures of the boat you have now?

Now if we could just get these guys in Koh Lipe to put the mufflers back on the engines ….

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