Koh Lipe Recycling / Drinking Water

recycle bottles, drinking water, plastic bottles

Koh Lipe Island Center, Bring (Refilled) Drinking Water

The “Recycling Center” can be seen here in the distance on the way through the center of Koh Lipe.  They have a huge number of plastic water bottles that have to be gotten rid of somehow.  (not easy on an island)

You can help by refilling your own water bottles.  Ricci House (Further up the road, right side, on the way to the Walking Street) has rooms, a large restaurant, and in the front a Reverse Osmosis Water Machine.  (They are coin operated,  the size of a big refrigerator, fill 20 liter and small bottles, and are now found in many parts of Thailand.)   “RO” machines produce water that is as good as the bottled water you buy at a fraction of the cost and eliminate the plastic bottle trash problem.

Ricci House also had the best hourly rate I saw for WiFi.  If you eat there, WiFi is free.  Many other shops on the walking street offer WiFi by the hour, also the resorts.  I noticed it was free for guests at Bila Beach and Castaways.