Weather Radar, Phuket to Koh Lipe (Click below on “Songkhla”, “Phuket” or “Satellite View”)

Songkhla Radar  (Songkhla is North of Hat Yai.)  You can also use: Phuket Radar from Phuket Airport.  Times are in GMT and Thailand is 7 hours ahead of GMT.  (Midnight GMT is 7 am in Thailand.)  Koh Lipe and the Butangs are the 2 islands at the bottom center, with the islands Koh Tarutau and Langkawi (on Songkhla Radar) to the right of them.

Asia Satellite View    The Big Picture.  It’s animated, takes a while to load but shows 5 photos at 1 per hour.  (Don’t let the big red and purple clouds catch you unaware.)