Visiting Yachties

Visiting Yachties John and Linda from the catamaran "Solstice" (Australia)

You know, sometimes you just can’t get rid of these boat people.

(….Oh wait, I guess I’m one of them.)

Sailboats travel all around the world.  The easiest way is to stay close to the equator where it’s warm, the wind is generally from the east and you’re not near or above latitude 40 where you get the big weather systems and storms.   Boats from Europe, America and all over end up passing through the Malaysia/Thailand area on their way to the Red Sea or Africa.  Or, like me (and a lot of other people) they get this far and stay here for a long time.  (There are worse places to be.)  John and Linda are from Australia and bought a catamaran in Langkawi. (Malaysia)  They are currently cruising this area in the good weather season. (John is an Engineering Instructor in Australia, we did the Longtail Analysis over lunch on Sunrise Beach.)  You can spend heaps of money and time to have your own boat (that you can use long term and go to remote places), charter (rent) one occasionally from companies like Sunsail, or have friends like John and Linda.  Be nice to them.