Every Kind of Shop

Yes, The Fish Chew on Your Feet.

The Walking Street has:  Tourist shops, restaurants, small markets, massage parlors, bars, a bakery, ice cream, gelato, money exchanges, fruit stands, a small pharmacy, tattoo parlors, places to stay, coffee shops,  jewelry stores, dive shops, internet shops etc.  It’s a lively place at night with a lot of food and shopping available.

At the small markets along it, you can buy Sim Cards for your phone (voice only, not data/internet) and phone top up cards, but not phones.

If you’re on the Thai mainland before you go to Koh Lipe and want phone/ internet access, get it set up there and tried on your phone before you go to Koh Lipe.  You can then buy “Top Up” cards in Koh Lipe .  (For the card value plus 10%.)  It’s more convenient and less expensive than using the  internet cafes on the island.  My DTAC/Happy voice/data Sim card purchased on the Thai mainland worked OK in Koh Lipe, not super fast but reliable and 1 baht/min.  Another Sim Card  that worked here is AIS /12Call  .