You Could Be Here

Another Day at The Office, Koh Adang

Koh Lipe itself is getting more and more developed, but the good news is that the islands north of it are part of Tarutao National Park.  So, you can leave the convenient life of Koh Lipe for the day and take a “Longtail Boat” (or other dive or charter boat)  for a short ride to some (almost)  unspoiled islands.


The Adang Archipelago

Also known as The Butangs.  (On nautical charts)   This undated chart should not to be used for marine navigation.

West of Koh Adang

Clear water and good snorkeling Here. Low tide has more coral for dingy landing problems.

Koh Adang Beach

Miles of Beach and Very Few People. Koh Rawi in the Background.

Fresh Water

Some of the Islands have fresh water springs that flow down to the beach.

It’s Close

Looking North- Koh Adang (background) as seen from Koh Lipe

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