Pattaya Beach- “It’s The Most”

The Pattaya Beach Landing Zone

Most people arrive in Koh Lipe at Pattaya Beach.  Since there is no pier, ferries from the mainland

drop you off at floating docks near shore.  Longtail Boats then take passengers to the beach.

Pattaya Beach, Koh Lipe,

Yes, I'm Off That Longtail ! ..............Now where do I go ?


The Most People

Pattaya Beach Can Be Crowded

It’s the most populated beach, but offers a lot of choices in accommodation, nightlife and restaurants.  If you’re in Koh Lipe for nightlife and meeting people its a good place to be based.  You can always walk to other parts of the island when you want to.  The ferries going there also make it an easy place to stay for a short visit. (No transportation needed to and from other parts of the island.)

The Most Bars and Restaurants

One of the Bars on Pattaya Beach

There are several bars and several restaurants on the beach.  Between them and the ones on the Walking Street, you’ll have a lot of choices including good seafood.

It’s The Hottest Place To Be

Pattaya Beach

The other beaches get more wind and Pattaya has near white reflecting sand.   It’s noticeably hotter.  But, there are bars on the beach and lots of cold drinks and ice cream up The Street.  Hats and sunscreen are advised for new and mid day visitors.

But, You Can Always Cool Off

Pattaya Beach

Cooling Off at Pattaya Beach

When the ferries have gone and at the end of the beach it’s more enjoyable.

The “Walking Street”- From Diving to Dining

Should You Eat Fish or Swim With Them ? Or Maybe Do Both ?

As far as Koh Lipe goes, the “Walking Street” has just about everything.

It runs from the middle of Pattaya Beach inland toward the middle of Sunrise Beach

Walking Street ?

Pedestrians Beware

It’s a walking street at night, but in the daytime it might be called the “Don’t get run over by a motorcycle/sidecar street”.  All the supplies for this area come up the street, so look before you step out of that shop.   “Lekka Gelato”  is the round sign at the top left of photo.  Yum.