Map of Koh Lipe

A General Map of Koh Lipe, North is Up

Scale-  Koh Lipe is about 2.8 Km (1.8 miles) from Sunrise Beach to the most western point.

Sunset Beach is past Jack’s Jungle on the path going West.

The “Walking Street” runs from Pattaya Beach toward Varin Village (In the middle of Sunrise Beach).

Shops along the Walking Street and other locations have free maps.  They show many more businesses and details about Koh Lipe.

A lot of the paths and trails are marked with signs for resorts, restaurants and bars.  Use your (paper) map and these signs to find your way around Koh Lipe.

A chart of Koh Lipe and the Northern Islands can be found in the Koh Adang Etc. section of this blog.


The Adang Archipelago

Also known as The Butangs.  (On nautical charts)   This undated chart should not to be used for marine navigation.