Sunset Beach-Worth The Walk

Koh Lipe's North Shore- Sunset Beach

It’s not hard on Koh Lipe to walk to one beach for breakfast, another for the day and Sunset Beach late in the day.  It’s less crowded and has better snorkeling than Pattaya or Sunrise beaches.


Sunset People

Sunset watchers at Flour Power Restaurant /Sabaye Divers

Part of the Sunset Beach crowd-  The couple in front are artists doing  jewelery and paintings.  They have a shop next to the Hanatalay (Buddhist)  Temple on the way back from Sunset Beach.  (up the hill one path from the main path back to Pattaya Beach)  Flour Power is a find, a restaurant/bakery right on the beach, they are part of  Sabaye Divers- a long established and well run Dive Shop closest to the good diving in Koh Lipe.

Signs of Koh Lipe- The Boom Boom Bar

Boom Boom Bar, Koh Lipe

"There I was, between The Porn Resort and The Boom Boom Bar."

Porn is a family last name in Thailand.  Boom Boom means having sex in Thai.   As far as I could tell the Boom Boom Bar is Boom Boom in name only.

Porn Resort

There's a restaurant on the beach and a lot of bungalos at the Porn Resort

The Boom Boom Bar, Sunset Beach

Sunset, Hanging Out at the Boom Boom Bar

The Boom Boom Bar is not to be missed on Sunset Beach.  Run by a man named “Man” it is rebuilt after storms each year out of driftwood.  Platforms made of planks with mats and pillows keep you off the sand.  Hammocks are above the platforms and friendly dogs (and sometimes people)  greet you. Yachties park their dingys for the day  and sometimes too far into the night.  Food is available to eat there from Flour Power and the Porn Resort restaurants next door.  “Man” makes fruit smoothies, a variety of mixed tropical and standard drinks and serves cold Thai Beers.  He has a good sound system and CDs for the day and “The Sunset”.  (I and a few other people have burned CD collections for him.)

From the song “Millionaires Holiday”-  “A glass and a shaker, our host is a real scene maker.”

(Bring mosquito repellent and  a flashlight (torch) so you can stay late and find your way back to the other parts of the island.)

The Boom Boom Platform

Lounging Platform at the Boom Boom Bar

In the daytime, Longtail boats can bring you to The Boom Boom Bar, Porn Resort, Billa Beach and other places on the north side of Koh Lipe.  At the far end of the beach (West, left of this photo) you’ll find some small secluded beach areas.

All Kinds of Tourists

Helen, an actress from England had to return to London to sing in an opera.