Koh Lipe Weather Information (Click below on “Koh Phi Phi”, “Langkawi”or “SE Asia Chart”)

Windguru is a good site.   A nearby offshore location for their forecast is Koh Phi Phi .  Their closest location is Langkawi. ( About 25 nautical miles or 42 Km away. )  They show a lot of information, rain chance is precipitation in mm per 3 hours. The best forecast guess for Koh Lipe is something between the two locations.  (Using both locations is more important for sailors than casual travelers.)

This SE Asia Chart (Forecast Chart) shows a big area, with winds, sea conditions and those (rainy season) big storms that don’t get to Koh Lipe (it’s too close to the equator) but still effect the winds and rain.  Koh Lipe is just off the Thai mainland and about even with the North end of Sumatra.  (In the middle-left of the chart.)