Koh Lipe Photo Travel Guide

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Koh Lipe, Thailand

What it looks like.

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Hi from Gary on the sailboat Shearwater.  This is a blog to provide you with some general information about and photos of Koh Lipe.  It includes recent photos of the islands, people and some favorite places.  I’ve spent  a few months on the west coast of Thailand, (near the Malaysian border) mostly at anchor around Koh Lipe and The Butangs.  It’s one of my favorite spots on the west coast of Thailand.

I hope you enjoy it too ! / Gary G.

All Photos Copyright 2011-2014  Shearwater Photo.

More photos of this area can also be found on my website:    (Click title below.)


Sunset Beach, Koh Lipe

Longtail Boat at Sunset Beach, “Shearwater”, Koh Rawi and Koh Adang  in Background